About Mr.Pongity

Mr.Pongity is a cute and funny space-themed game where players bounce an astronaut around by flying space stations on the rim of a gravity well. Unlike any other Pong-clone before, our Astronaut, Mr.Pongity flies around a center of gravity in the middle of the screen on elliptical orbits. Your goal is not to rescue him but to prevent him from entering and possibly damaging your space station. At the same time you have to keep up your reputation by not letting him float into endless space.

Team Toxic

*This game is only available as a download version, there is no box version

Who We Are

We are Team Toxic, a Team of 1st semester S4G students developing our first game: Mr.Pongity, since October 2016. Our group is made up of three artist, three game designers and one engineer. Our goal is to improve our skills in making video games.


  • All-4-One :
    up to 4 players can play on a single keyboard.
  • Orbital Gravity :
    gravity makes the astronaut fly in orbits.
  • Space! :
    great space-themed cartoon-style graphics.
  • Challenge :
    a challenge to master the art of predicting the astronaut’s flight path and manipulating its trajectory.
  • Power-Ups :
    powerups which influence the spaceships, the astronaut’s behaviour and the pacing and dynamics of the game.
  • Story :
    a short and simple story, told by a comic, explains why the astronaut is lost in space and destroys the universe.
  • Playmodes :
    two play-modes offer different ways to win.
  • and many more


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Play our Game

We hope you have fun.

Mr Pongity v03

IndieDB Version Mr.Pongity Team Toxic Version Mr.Pongity Team Toxic

Team Toxic

Live Version Mr.Pongity Team Toxic

Our Team


Kevin Nohr-Hipel

Producer / Founder


Patryk Mielczarek

Programmer / Founder


Lisa Steffen

Graphic Artist / Founder


Philipp Domke

Conzept Artist / Founder


Marie Hoh

Graphic Artist / Founder


Martin Noblé

Game Developer / Founder


Sebastian Sickert

Game Developer / Founder

What Our Team say about Mr.Pongity

We hope to help you.

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If you have any questions, problems or feedback, please feel free to contact us.

S4G School for Games GmbH
Team Toxic
Gubener Straße 47
10243 Berlin

+49 30 96595244

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